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We seek unique locations to inspire our creativity,
so our trips are always extraordinary.

Luxury Travel

We make memories with an impact on our community.
Our travel concierge team organise the whole trip including international models.

Our Concierge Travel Services

  • Accommodation & Villa

  • Aviation & Private Jet

  • Exclusive Dining Experience

  • Intimate Party & Events

  • Models Service

  • Rental Cars

  • Travel & Transportation

  • Travel Budget Management

  • VIP Host Service

We make extraordinary memories for people who have already seen everything in the world.

Luxury Travel


Penélope x Mykonos

Our success story in Mykonos, Greece

Luxury Travel

Our content shooting trip with international models in Mykonos, Greece was a great success.

Dates: 27th May – 6th June

Location: Mykonos, Greece​

Team Penélope

  • 35x international models/ influencers

  • 1x photographer (Olga)

  • 1x photographer (Philipp)

  • 1x videographer (Anna)

  • 1x creative art director (Claudio)

  • 1x artist (Ivan)

  • 2x VIP guest host (Robert & David)

We make extraordinary memories.

Penélope Trip Schedule (exemplary schedule)

We are travelling with top-notch international models and make extraordinary memories to our guests


Special Moments by Penélope

Our ultimate goal is to create an intimate extraordinary atmosphere within the our trip

All influencer models need to sign an NDA, to ensure the exclusive trip experiences & behind the scene moments.

Details to be discussed …

“If you don’t know, don’t worry”

We make extraordinary memories.

Luxury Travel
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